Version 1.0 Experience

Outlandish MoveYesterday, the game was released. Two third grade junior high school classes were the first to experience the completed game, and feedback was generally positive. Since I started working on the game back in August, my main goal was to have it ready for these two classes to try. My original goal for January shot straight out of the window, and by putting in a lot of extra hours, I had it ready the day before my final class with them … as in, they’re graduating in two days, the LAST class!

What will become of the game now is expansion. I wanted to have voiced characters so that students did not have to solely rely on reading, I even put online appeals out, but time got the better of me. Within the next few hours I’ll be uploading version 1.1 so that anyone can play the game and enjoy (hopefully enjoy) the experience. The main difference between version 1.0 and 1.1 is in the credits, though there were some pretty embarrassing bugs taken out aswell. I was in a desperate rush to get 1.0 complete to give students on a CD that some people did not get properly added to the credits list. The majority of the images used in the game were used under Creative Commons licenses, and I want to thank the generous artists who made their work available. Non Creative Commons images are my own work, which I intend to also release under a similar license in the near future.

Outlandish Move is a free to play game. Please feel free to share it, give it to friends (or even enemies), family, any one you like. I only ask that you don’t charge them for it. Let’s keep this free.

Also, if you feel you should be added to the credits list but I somehow missed you, PLEASE get in touch and I’ll rectify that as soon as possible.

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