Credits クレジット

Written by 作者
Darlo –

Programmed in ソフトウェアエンジン
Ren’Py –

Voice Talent 声優
お母さん – Rina Adachi –
みちこ – Rina Adachi –
Michelle – Rina Adachi –
Wayne – Bill Karalius –
Mrs Harris – Jamie Gehrke
Misc – Darlo

Testers and Language Checkers テスターと言語確認者
Shehzaan Abdulla
Yoko Aridomo
Ai Asano
Matthew Bilton
Chantelle Ejimofo
Tom Emmott
Shiori Harada
Julianne Medrano
Rin Mogami –
Brad Ramos
Keri Stenerson
Ayaka Waki
Andy Yang
最上 凛 –
Takibe English Conversation Club
The 2013 Graduating Students of Hohoku Junior High School

Character Images Kindly Provided by キャラクターのデザイン
Bubblesey (Michelle & みちこ) –
Yon Yon Yon (Mrs Harris) –
Fioricca (Wayne) –
Widget (お母さん) –
Chris Hernandez (Spy)
Darlo (Spy)

Background and Object Images Kindly Provided by 景色と物の絵
Bob Bowyer –
Cayoup –
Marie Darlington
Mark Donna –
Peter Evans –
f.x.l –
Tim Green –
Heather on her Travels –
David P Howard –
Danny Howard –
Immediate Entourage –
Muyu –
Pumbaa80 –
Sam Ose –
ŠJů –
Stacina –

Music 音楽
(AG) Walking to nowhere by AldoGuardian
Anachronism (extended loop) by DeathDefyingRabbit
Cute Battle by Deshiel
Dying Warfare by Colin Aebli
Evading Authority by MasterJarri
Examine The Clue by OctoEntandre
Fort Sumnit by Guilmonx
Hammock Song by Buoy
Happy Happy by DaVince
Meadows (UCOE) by John Rawman
Sara’s Song by Lochie Axon
Stormy Night Inside by Jeepis
Stormy Skies by Ashley Alyse
The Classroom by GunKy

Sound Effects サウンドエフェクト
0005madnessloop by Noise Collector
animeshing by Syna-Max
animeswordhit by Syna-Max
archi soundscape electric1 by Elan Hickler
bangs echo3x by eklee
Basket Ball Kick by Walter Odington
Big Thunder Crashes by Sean Townsend
Bing Bong by the_bloke33
Blast.wav by Omar Olvardo
Boing by Bran Rainey
Box of stuff falls by AnimationIsaac
bubbling02 by MattJ99
cartoon siren whistle 001 by
Car travel accident by Omar Olvardo
Chrysler LHS tire squeal 04 (04-25-2009) by Tom Haigh
coke can sounds by Daniel Brown
Crowd Terrasse by JFBSAUVE
Deep Bell A Sharp by wraithguard01
deerchaser by Travis Morgan
Dodgeball Bounce 1 by Kevin Burns
Door Kick by goose_bumps
Early Afternoon in a Olive and Almonds Plantation in Sardinia by Tagigobaso
Electricuter by jobro
Electric Zap 001 by Joel Azzopardi
falling down steps by cinevid
FTZ_GC_116_FastPass1 by Fantozzi
full soda can falls on side by FreqMan
FW-190 Takeoff by Fight2FlyPhoto
Golfclap by mattheos
jsyd_klaxon2 by Jim Bumgardner
Kurzschluss by Donalfonso
McRae Crowd Aghast by Flippant Moniker
Space Loop 2112 by firefighterlintz
start the machine by parabolix
Storm1 by Travis Morgan
Storm Door Slam by Vincent Olivieri
Storm Wind by juskiddink
Traffic by Flovde
transport 2 by Corsica_S
tumble_downstairs_c by malexmedia
Vinyl Needle Skip by ZeSoundResearchInc.
Warp by harpoyume

Game Font by ゲームの字体
Mika-chan –

Special Thanks まことに感謝します
The 2013 Graduating Students of Hohoku Junior High School for being the first group to play a completed version of the game and giving helpful feedback. I wish you the best of luck after graduation.
Shiori Harada for being a good sport and a great teacher to work with.
Comic Space 小倉 ( for providing me an excellent environment to work in over the weekends, and for helping in the search of native Japanese speakers to test the game.
The Members of the Lemma Soft Forums ( for their words of support and being a brilliant hub for aspiring game makers, with many tutorials as well as people to help with characters. ( for this brilliant tutorial which helped in the appearance of the Spy.
Gay Kendrick for helping me with information about the history of the BRJ school.

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