Download ダウンロード

Version 2.0

The audio version. オーディオ版
Released 5 September 2013 平成25年9月5日公開
(via Sky Driveで)

Linux リナックス
Mac マック
Windows ウィンドウズ

Question Sheet 問題用紙 –

Version 1.2

(Released 28 March 2013, links updated 24 April 2013)
I’ve updated a few little mistakes that have come to light, and altered credits again.
(via Sky Drive)

14 comments on “Download ダウンロード
  1. Fake McName says:

    This game doesn’t work, I’ve tried it on 3 computers.

    First it says it can’t find “python27.dll.” After I fix that it says:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 24, in
    ImportError: No module named os

    • Darlo says:

      Hi Mr McName,
      I’ve just tried downloading the game (PC version) myself and encountered an error even when unzipping it. I’ll upload a new version now, so hopefully it’ll work once again.
      Thanks for letting me know.


  2. duaimei says:

    I just unzipped it, and it works great so far! I’m enjoying reading the Japanese, and clicking the wrong English.

    • Darlo says:

      Thank you for letting me know it’s working ^_^, and thank you for mentioning the game on your site.

      • duaimei says:

        Your welcome. I unzipped it on my windows machine last night. I also have a mac, that I use for iphone programming. My boyfriend also has a linux machine. If you would like, I could beta test the next batch of zipped files for you.

  3. […] After clicking on a few links, I was able to actually find the download page: […]

  4. Darlo says:

    Wow, that would be fantastic, thank you very much. I’ll let you know when they’re going up.

  5. DaVince says:

    I found this thanks to your review on a song of mine that you used. (Thanks for that, by the way!)

    Since I’m learning Japanese, this seems rather interesting, so for me this will be like a reverse experience from what was intended. 🙂

    • DaVince says:

      So, played and finished it and have a bunch of comments!

      It’s pretty cheesy and the English definitely feels school level (I’m sure that’s as intended!). The artwork could be better but is still funny to look at. And I learned a bunch of new Japanese words!

      Also… I was able to cheat (so I could check out the funny lines before going for the correct lines). Pick the wrong answer? Scroll up a bit and pick a different answer. A bit *too* easy to cheat. Make the player save and load in order to retry!

      There’s some nice humour going on when you pick the wrong lines, but the replies you get when you picked the right answer are usually a lot more bland. In games, it makes sense to reward someone for doing well, so I’m thinking it also needs some more interesting lines in those cases. 😉

      By the way, found this:
      “If I take the test, how long will I stay here for?”
      “How long for” isn’t correct English; “for” is only used with “what” (so “what for”).

      Also, there’s a moment where a sentence ends with just 教; I think that’s accidentally cut off?

      Konbiniwa = I know it’s a joke but that word is just a *little* too commonly known outside of Japan to be confused like that. 😛 I’ve seen people spell it like “konichiwa” though, so maybe you can build on that?

      All in all, nice work! Would be nice if we could have seen more of those two weeks, but I guess you did have to work with a time constraint, here.

      • Darlo says:

        Thanks for playing through, and I’m happy you’ve given me some feedback. I’ll try to respond to everything in order.

        I tried my best to merge “real English” with “textbook English”, including many things I knew students wouldn’t know straght away, but trying not to go too far overboard. I had considered setting the school in Yorkshire and giving everyone strong accents, but in the end decided not to. Like the music, I only used artwork from Open/Creative Commons sources, and because of that it took a long time to get a cast of characters that didn’t look “too” out of place with each other (I found a bunch of character designs that I’d have loved to use, but they were too different in style to go together) … the appearance of the unnamed character was a bit of a treat for my students though. I’m glad you were able to learn some words.

        The scroll up (also known as rollback) is a bit of a cheat I guess, though I’ve seen it used in many visual novel games. In class I wanted the students to find as many different endings as possible, and students knew by playing the game exactly the same a second time the outcome wouldn’t be different. Some endings can only be achieved by making mistakes, and sometimes those endings are more interesting.

        I think I agree with you about the “correct” answers leading to slightly boring dialogues, thats something I can consider in the future.

        I’ve gone through the game so many times it’s often hard for me to spot mistakes, and even my friends who tested it couldn’t get them all. But you’ve spotted three. These must have been remnants of when I changed dialogues, but hadn’t erased/completed things fully. Thanks, I’ll fix those for the audio version.

        I was worried about the “too obvious”-ness of the Konbiniwa line, and in an earlier version I’d removed it. But I’m happy to report it was one of the lines that drew a lot of laughter from the students.

        I really wish I could have included the two weeks, or more of what happens after, but as you noticed time was against me. I’m planning on expanding the game a bit more, especially as some characters’ links and relationships to events are only touched upon very briefly, so that’ll probably come along in the future as well.

        Thanks a lot for your feedback, I really do appreciate it.

    • Darlo says:

      Thanks for trying it out (and for making the music available).

  6. ムスカ says:


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